About &Pip

&Pip the Company

&Pip is an exclusive photography agency that serves creators, makers, solo business owners, and freelancers. Its objective is to create impactful brand photography that enhances the image of the business owners, employees, and their projects or products, helping them stand out in the market and attract high-end clients. This, in turn, enables them to command a premium price for their offerings. &Pip works to establish a brand that mirrors the values of its clients and earns them the recognition and compensation they deserve.

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How We Help You

We help you stand out in the market & attract dream clients who trust your process & are willing to pay a higher price for your services.

We achieve this by helping you build a brand perception that aligns with your personality & values as well as with the needs of your clients. We provide strategy-driven brand imagery that harnesses the power of your unique story, embraces who you are, & highlights what makes you different. This allows you to use imagery that resonates & showcases your brand, building brand recognition & creating strong connections with your audience & prospective clients.

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About Our Founder

Pippa Tanko is a highly driven brand photography expert working exclusively with the creative & digital sectors.

Specialising in helping creative solopreneurs business owners & freelancers to attract their dream clients & become leaders in their industries with an emphasis on using photography not only to attract your ideal clients but to step into your power to become the business owner that does.

She has been featured on podcasts by Sarah Hindle – Your Inner Goddess & the podcast – Creatives Ignite by Diane Gibbs

After leaving her career producing photography for Harrods which included helping them create high-end photography for their products online. She started her own brand photography business helping business owners create imagery that elevates their brand in order to uplevel and become a high-end brand so that they can command a high-end price.

She has worked with creatives from jewellery brands, brand designers, interior designers, web developers & the like to build powerful profitable brands that stand out creating brand awareness & recognition so they are the obvious choice when it comes to buying their products or services.

&Pip Brand Values

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Types of Businesses We Work Best with

  1. Jewellery Designers /Handmade Jewellery Makers
  2. Brand Designers
  3. Web Designers
  4. Interior Designers
  5. Architects
  6. Furniture Designers
  7. Landscape Designers
  8. Product Designers
  9. Homeware Designers
  10. Handmade Pottery & Ceramics
  11. Custom Clothing & Textile Designers (Surface Pattern Designers)
  12. Hand-forged Metalwork & Sculptor
  13. Artists

We Value…

Intention / Purposeful

Our Personality is…

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Other Words


Our Perfect Clients are…

Creators, Makers, & Designers
Project-based or Product-based
Been in business for 2–3 years
Age: 30–50

Does this Sound Like You?

Our ideal clients are ambitious, and looking for growth. They want to raise their profile but are worried because their current branding images don’t accurately reflect their professional image or where their business is now.

They use social media to build connection. However, there are so many other creatives doing it better & they lack confidence in their image. They would love to build or be part of a community.

They are looking for work/life balance, love to travel and are outgoing & confident. New-age, forward-thinking, go-getters.

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Ways to Work With Us

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About &Pip

If you work in a competitive industry and you’re struggling to stand out, you’re taking on projects at a lower cost in order to build your portfolio in the hope of winning dream projects in the future. You spend all of your time worrying about lead generation and what you wish is that clients would just come to you excited about working with you.

At &Pip, we help you stand out. We help you build trust and credibility. And the way that we do this is by providing you with a bank of distinctive brand photography that’s unique to you. Showcasing your expertise, your projects, and your talent, so that your content gets noticed by dream clients. Get your dream clients to stop scrolling and start listening.