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Elevating Spaces,
Enhancing Lives


In the world of interior design, visual representation is everything. Apteriors faced the challenge of consistently showcasing their projects across various sectors in a way that not only reflects the high quality of their work but also the diversity and adaptability of their design solutions. They wanted photography that aligns with their brand’s ethos—transforming spaces to enhance professional and personal lives.

Apteriors, Andreas with brick wall

Package chosen

Project Visionary – 6 Shoots


To ensure the photography reflects the essence of Apteriors’ designs, I employed a thoughtful approach that involved understanding each space’s unique function and aesthetic. Employing how it must feel to live/work in the space and then capture the essence and feeling.


My vision is to create imagery that not only captures the physical beauty of the spaces but also conveys the ambiance and transformative impact of Apteriors’ designs. I aim to produce photos that resonate emotionally with viewers, drawing them into the depicted environments.


Careful planning is essential to coordinate with Apteriors’ project timelines and access the sites when they are best presented. This involves scheduling shoots to capture natural lighting conditions that perfectly accentuated the interior spaces.


During the photoshoots, I focus on capturing both the broad aesthetics and the intricate details that define Apteriors’ work. Each session is meticulously orchestrated to ensure every angle and lighting condition is used to its full potential, showcasing the designs in their best light.


The finished photographs are optimised for various uses, including digital platforms and print media, to maximise Apteriors’ exposure. By featuring these images prominently on their website and social media, the company’s visual narrative is significantly enhanced.

Growth Factor

The imagery has not only bolstered Apteriors’ portfolio but also serves as a testament to the impact of professional photography on brand perception and marketability. As a result, Apteriors has seen an increase in engagement and inquiries, underscoring the value of investing in high-quality visual content.

Photography Intended Usage

  • Tenders: Case studies, enriched with high-quality interior photography, have significantly improved their success rate in tender submissions, allowing them to expand their portfolio and client base.
  • Website and Social Media: The visuals have elevated their online presence, showcasing their expertise and attracting engagement from prospective clients and design enthusiasts alike.
  • PR: The images have supported their PR efforts, enabling them to feature in reputable design publications and platforms, further establishing Apteriors as a leader in the design industry.

Photography Results

Improving photography has yielded exceptional results, significantly enhancing Apteriors’ brand image and market presence. The vivid and meticulously crafted images have lead to increased engagement on social media and the company’s website, as well as a noticeable uptick in inquiries and client interest. These visual assets not only enriched Apteriors’ portfolio but also solidified their reputation as a leader in innovative interior design.

Apteriors’ Outcomes

The resulting photography has become a cornerstone of Apteriors brand’s visual identity. Not only do the images enhance their tender submissions, but they also provide a compelling narrative on their new website and social media channels, engaging their audience and attracting new clients.


Our goal is to develop a series of interior photography that demonstrates the effectiveness and versatility of Apteriors designs. Showcasing the prestigious clients and establishments they work with. I aim to enhance their tender submissions with compelling visual evidence of their work. Elevate their online presence, including their new website and social media platforms, with high-quality imagery. As well as support their Public Relations efforts with impactful photographs that tell the story of their brand and its achievements.

Type of Photography

We focused on capturing the essence of each space to showcase the transformation. Through careful composition, lighting, and styling, we aimed to convey the functionality, aesthetic appeal, and unique atmosphere of each project, reflecting the positive impact on users’ productivity and state of mind.

Commercial Interiors

For commercial interiors projects, our goal is to highlight the vastness of each space and utilise the available lighting to enhance the everyday atmosphere. By focusing on these elements, we aim to create a sense of openness and show how the lighting contributes to the overall ambiance, making each area feel inviting and functional for daily use.

Residential Interiors

For the residential spaces, we aim to emphasise the homeliness and coziness of each area. By showcasing the details of the decor and creating an inviting ambiance with thoughtful lighting, we want to capture the warmth and comfort that make a house feel like a home.

Team Headshots

For the team headshots, we moved away from the traditional studio setting to showcase everyone as everyday people. By opting for open and relaxed environments, we aim to highlight their approachable and creative sides, making the portraits more authentic and relatable.

Pippa has been creating brand photography for us for 8 years. She has helped us create a style of imagery for our brand that has positioned us as an expert in our field. As well as capturing our projects in a contemporary style she has also emphasised our team value and personality through the headshots she has created. Her ability to capture our projects and team in line with our brand vision is a credit to her.

Andrea Podesta', Managing Director