Case Study

Aquila Jewellery

A Story of Travel
Meets Hand-made Jewellery


The primary challenge lay in creating a visual narrative that seamlessly blends the Founder, Stacey’s, personal loves — travel & jewellery — with the Aquila brand. The goal was not just to showcase products but to tell a story that resonates with the values & experiences of both the founder & the audience.

Stacey in shop doorway

Package Chosen

Brand Evolution – Quarterly Shoots


My goal was to visually narrate Aquila Jewellery’s story of ethically sourced materials from destinations with a deep emotional connection to the founder, Stacey. The strategy was to encapsulate the essence of warmth, sunshine, & the bohemian spirit associated with the jewellery’s origins.


The vision for the photography was to create a series of images with warm, sunlit tones that capture the essence of the sunny locations where the jewellery is sourced, highlighting the natural beauty & intricate details through a natural light look. Each photograph was designed to evoke a sense of discovery & connection, resonating with the boho-chic lifestyle that appeals to Aquila’s target demographic.


In the planning phase, I  constructed a set & conducted test shoots to ensure the desired look & feel for all product images were achieved. Deciding on the right backgrounds & props prior to the shoot was crucial for capturing the aesthetic, alongside sourcing models & outfits that embodied the boho chic feel of the brand.


During each shoot, I focus on capturing the interplay of light & shadow, using lighting to create a warm, sunlit, inviting glow around the jewellery. Each piece is shot in a way that highlighted its unique craftsmanship. Using palm leaves to create shadows, with setups that included bohemian & natural elements to reinforce the brand’s aesthetic.


The final images are designed to be versatile across multiple platforms, from the brand’s website to social media, where storytelling is crucial. Utilising the images in store alongside the jewellery  to tell the story of the pieces. The warm, vivid imagery helps in building a strong visual identity that is consistent & recognisable.

Growth Factor

Post-shoot, evaluating customer purchasing habits & feedback is essential for refining future shoots. Understanding audience reactions has helped us tweak elements to better convey the brand’s message & aesthetic.

Based on the success of the imagery, plans for subsequent shoots include exploring other elements of the brand’s story, potentially introducing new products, such as homewares.

Photography Intended Usage

  • Prepared images for use in PR materials to enhance brand visibility.
  • Tailored visuals for integration on the brand’s website.
  • Designed images for in-store displays to attract retail customers.
  • Optimised content for sharing across social media platforms to engage online audiences.

Photography Results

The strategic use of photography plays a pivotal role in transforming Aquila Jewellery’s market presence. High-quality images capture the warm, sunlit tones & boho-chic essence of the brand, successfully communicating its luxury & ethical values to the audience. This visually compelling content not only raises the brand’s profile but also tangibly enhances the perception of quality among consumers.

Aquila’s Outcomes

The photography effectively elevated Aquila Jewellery’s brand image, directly impacting its market position and customer perception. The images enhanced the perceived quality & luxury of the products. This refined presentation allowed Aquila to successfully raise their price points, reflecting the premium nature of their range. Additionally, the compelling visual content drove a significant increase in online sales as more consumers were drawn to the brand’s enhanced aesthetic.

Aquila is a story of travel meets hand-crafted jewellery & Pippa encouraged me to think outside the box & bring myself into the brand, something I hadn't thought much about before. Portraying the synergy between myself & my two passions, travel & jewellery, has always been a challenge for me. Pippa was able to do this seamlessly. The shoot was highly enjoyable, professional & very well structured. Pippa managed my expectations well & her turnaround was quick. I am looking forward to our continued working relationship.

Stacey Hodkinson, Founder


My mission is to produce a series of images that not only align with Stacey’s vision but also help her tell her story. These images are aimed for use across various platforms, including social media, the Etsy store, & the brand’s website, to create a cohesive & engaging online presence.

Type of Photography

In showcasing Aquila Jewellery, we have effectively integrated personal branding, product imagery, and model shots, all infused with the essence of warm travel destinations. The visual narrative features warm locations, sunshine, and palm tree shadows, reflecting the exotic locales where the materials are sourced. Boho styling, prominent in both the clothing and setting choices, add layers of freedom and a carefree spirit to the imagery, reinforcing the brand’s connection to the adventurous and carefree lifestyle of its audience. 

Story Images

For Stacey’s personal brand within Aquila Jewellery, we focus prominently on her narrative of discovery and connection. Her journey began while traveling in Indonesia, where she encountered a family of silversmiths working under the sun, using age-old techniques passed down through generations. This experience not only shaped the style of Aquila Jewellery but also inspired Stacey to source materials from other warm, sunny destinations she feels a deep connection to. In the imagery, we aim to capture this essence by incorporating a boho style set against beach locations, using actual photos from her travels. Additionally, props like travel magazines are strategically included to underscore the travel theme, enriching the visual storytelling with layers of personal history and the spirit of exploration.


For the flatlay imagery we want to showcase the collections while still weaving in the element of travel so we have incorporated items from the locations her collections come from as well as some of her personal images captured while visiting these locations.

Product Tabletop Photography

Simple elegant images highlight the exquisite details and craftsmanship of each jewellery piece, reflecting the diversity & beauty encountered through travel and showcasing each item in its simplest form to ensure the customer can see exactly what hey are buying. To align with the brand we use cotton as the background which adds a subtle texture to each product image.

LIfestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle images help us to continue the Aquila story through her product lines. We are inviting her audience to continue their journey of warm sunlit destinations with palm tree shadows, enhancing the story and building connection. The background we uses is a tile that aligns with the aesthetic and hints to the warm sun kissed locations her customers dream of exploring. By placing Aquila’s jewellery in scenarios like this we evoke a sense of adventure, warmth, & authenticity.

Model Product Photography

Using natural tones and fabrics that align with the boho aesthetic and incorporating the element of sunshine and shade to enhance the feeling of sunshine and warmth we showcase the jewellery being worn in natural relaxed poses. Demonstrating how each piece complements various styles, embodying versatility, & personal expression.

Homeware Product Test Shoot

As Aquila expands their product range into homeware and in order to understand demand and consumer habits we are testing shooting homeware products incorporating the sun shine and boho nature. Including detail images to show the unique nature of the products.


Crafting images specifically designed for use in marketing materials and for public relations purposes. By having Stacey directly look into the camera, these headshots are crafted to engage viewers, creating a sense of personal connection and dialogue. This direct gaze is pivotal, as it fosters a feeling of intimacy and accessibility, making the viewer feel as though they are engaging in a conversation with her, thereby enhancing the personal touch of the brand.

Post-Production Excellence

Each image undergoes a robust post production process ensuring that the colours of each image are consistent and truly reflect each product.