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Aylin White

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Aylin White, a recruitment consultancy specialisIng in Real Estate & the Built Environment, places a strong emphasis on personal connections rather than just qualifications. Their rebranding initiative aimed to visually embody this philosophy across all company materials. The key challenge was to create an aesthetic that blended the corporate image with relatability to the everyday man & woman. To achieve this, it was crucial to carefully select models & locations that resonated with both aspects. Additionally, due to their busy, fast-paced business environment, they needed to hire a professional to take the lead on production, ensuring the project’s success without disrupting their operational flow.

Headshot8, &Pip, Aylin White

Package Chosen

Revive & Thrive – One-off Shoot


The project began with in-depth discussions to align the visions of the brand design agency & Aylin White’s internal team, ensuring the photography would perfectly mirror the company’s ethos. I worked closely with the branding agency to create the correct aesthetic.

I aimed to capture the essence of Aylin White — professional yet approachable, corporate but with a human touch. This required a careful selection of models, settings, & themes that reflected diversity & accessibility.


Extensive planning was necessary to coordinate locations, models, & outfits that fit the desired aesthetic. Each element was meticulously chosen to contribute to the overall narrative of accessibility & professionalism.


I managed the complete execution of the photoshoot, from hiring the right location to directing shots. The focus was on creating a depth of field in each image, adding a layer of sophistication while maintaining a warm, inviting atmosphere.


The newly captured images were strategically used as banner images on the website & as cover images on various print collateral, significantly increasing the brand’s visibility & appeal.

Growth Factor

The rebranded imagery played a crucial role in Aylin White’s growth strategy, helping to attract a more diverse client base & better showcase the company’s commitment to placing the right people in the right roles.

Photography Intended Usage

  • Website Banners
  • Printed Collateral
  • LinkedIn Banners

Aylin White’s Outcomes

The project concluded with a highly successful integration of the new imagery into Aylin White’s branding materials. Client feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the effectiveness of the images in conveying the company’s unique approach to recruitment. This visual update has bolstered Aylin White’s market presence & supported their ongoing growth & success in the recruitment industry.

Need quote

Name, Title


The goal was to craft a suite of images that would seamlessly integrate with Aylin White’s new branding, enhancing their website & printed materials with visuals that communicate the company’s core values.

Visual Planning


Create a series of photographs to be used as website headers and on the covers of printed collateral. We plan to utilise four models, male and female, dressed in smart casual attire to reflect a professional yet accessible vibe. The setting will feature varied background colours with a shallow depth of field to softly blur the background to add depth. Lighting will be natural, enhancing the positive and professional feel of the images. 

Test Image Creation

I created a test image based on the brief to ensure I had the correct look and feel for the shoot.

Man in striped shirt

Type of Photography

Brand Image Creation

I identified & secured a location perfectly suited for the objectives, offering both a studio setting for controlled imagery & areas with natural light ideal for capturing images with a depth of field, creating soft, unfocused backgrounds. The models selected, accustomed to editorial shoots, required guidance to transition into more relaxed, everyday poses. This direction was essential to prevent the photographs from conveying a fashion or editorial vibe, ensuring they matched the approachable yet professional aesthetic we aimed to achieve for Aylin White.

Movement Images

I incorporated movement into the images to highlight the importance of people and to bring a dynamic element to the set if images.

Photography Results

The final photographs were instrumental in redefining Aylin White’s brand identity. The images not only met the aesthetic & emotional goals set at the project’s inception but also enhanced the user experience across digital & physical platforms.

Brand Assets

The portraits needed to be perfectly aligned to use with the brand assets.

Linkedin profile

Follow-on Shoots

We have regular headshot shoots of the team to be used on Linkedin to capture the addition of new staff members and keep headshots updated and current.