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The primary challenge faced by Few and Far was overcoming the personal reluctance of its founders, Tom and Colin, to be prominently featured in photographs, particularly during a critical phase of rebranding aimed at appealing directly to a new niche in the charity sector.

Initially, they preferred their website to carry the brand’s voice, allowing the photography to merely blend into the background. This approach led to the creation of visually appealing images that perfectly captured their initial artistic vision, using bright colours that, in hindsight, acted more as a barrier rather than a bridge to the people they aimed to serve. 

As they transitioned their focus towards charities, it became clear that their early strategy inadvertently put up a façade, distancing themselves from the very connections they sought to foster within this new niche. 

Few and Far, &Pip, andPip, Two men standing on cobbled street

Package Chosen

Brand Evolution – Quarterly Shoots


Implemented a strategy to bridge the gap between the founders’ design background & the charity space by focusing on storytelling that highlights the impact of their work. Planned to capture the founders in a more comfortable & natural setting to reflect genuine moments of their involvement with the charities.


The vision is to craft a series of images that combine the aesthetic of design with the emotive appeal of charity work. Aiming to create a warm, inviting look that communicates safety & trust, key aspects that resonate with the target audience of risk-averse charities.


Extensive planning is crucial to make the founders feel at ease. This includes pre-shoot meetings to discuss their concerns & preferences, & involving them in the creative process to ensure the imagery feels true to their identity.


The photoshoots are carefully orchestrated to make Tom & Col & the team comfortable, using techniques that allow them to interact naturally with each other & the charity representatives. This approach helps in capturing authentic moments rather than staged scenarios.


The images are used across various platforms to strengthen Few & Far’s presence in the charity sector & to attract new charity partners. The authentic portrayal of the founders & their work help build trust.

Growth Factor

The new imagery has significantly improved Few & Far’s connection with existing & potential charity partners, enhancing their reputation as empathetic & committed supporters of charitable causes. This also led to increased engagement on digital platforms & more inquiries about collaboration. It has added a unique & diverse element to their new website

Photography Intended Usage

  • Instagram: To reach a broader, socially-engaged audience with behind-the-scenes stories & impactful results.
  • Website: To provide a cohesive, professional look that aligns with their mission on their newly designed website.
  • PR: To showcase their unique approach & success stories in press releases & feature articles.

Photography Results

The imagery significantly enhanced the brand’s perception, seamlessly integrating the founders’ design expertise with their charity-focused mission to create a cohesive and appealing visual identity. This professional yet approachable imagery resonates deeply within the charity community, fostering increased engagement on platforms like LinkedIn and improving the user experience on their website. The effective use of these photos in PR materials had helped them when applying to speak on podcasts, which brought additional visibility and credibility to Few and Far. Feedback from charity partners highlighted the emotional impact and respect conveyed through the visual storytelling, further enhancing the brand’s reputation and effectiveness in fundraising and securing new partnerships.

Few & Far’s Outcomes

The project has not only transformed how Few & Far is perceived in the digital & charity spaces but has also instilled a renewed confidence in the founders to embrace their roles as the faces of their brand. The compelling visuals have enabled them to authentically engage with their audience, resulting in stronger partnerships & expanded influence in the charity sector.

Pippa not only brings a level of quality & experience to a shoot, but her personality & relaxing demeanour helps so much when working with people who aren’t confident in front of the camera. We’re delighted with the results from our shoot & are excited to continue with our partnership as she'll be working with us on upcoming case study shoots for a variety of clients. We’d highly recommend Pip to anyone who is looking for photographs that bring out you & your team’s personality; her ability to capture that on camera is invaluable.

Colin Grist, Creative Director


The objective is to develop a visual identity that not only aligns with Few & Far’s brand ethos of supporting charities but also showcases the brands core values and beliefs as well as the founders’ unique personalities as designers. The goal is to create authentic, engaging imagery with a unique look and feel to showcase what makes them different from other agencies. Helping charities feel connected & supported & encouraging them to collaborate.

Mood-Board Creation

Initial Mood-board Collaboration

The mood-board included elements that blended the clean, modern look of design with the warm, human-focused elements of charity work. It featured a palette of soft, approachable colours, images of interactions between people, & design elements that reflect professionalism & creativity.

Look & Feel Mood-board

Aligning with the brand’s serene visual strategy and incorporating natural, warm lighting. I incorporated a harmonious palette of natural colours evoke calmness and balance. I selected portraits featuring direct eye contact to enhance authenticity and connection, alongside images showcasing team collaboration and effective communication. Urban and natural elements are blended to reflect the brand’s dual influences, while behind-the-scenes and reflective elements were included to add depth and dynamic engagement to the imagery. 

Type of Photography

Opted for a mix of documentary & portrait photography. Documentary style to capture genuine interactions & activities, & portrait photography to bring out the personal side of the founders & the people impacted by the charities.

Portraits & Behind-the-Scenes / Storytelling

The initial photo shoot focused on the team, aiming to capture engaging portraits that highlighted each member’s unique personality. The goal was to unify these individual elements, creating a consistent look & feel that not only showcased their distinctiveness but also brought them together as a cohesive entity. This approach was crucial in establishing a solid visual foundation that reflects the team’s collective identity & the brand’s overarching ethos.

Client-Facing & General Everyday Interaction, Including Their Dogs

The second shoot was client-oriented, capturing the team in their everyday interactions, including moments with their dogs to highlight their relaxed & approachable ethos. To ensure the images felt genuine & not staged, we invited a client to participate in a meeting, allowing us to take authentic photos that truly represented how they engage with their clients. Following this, we moved to a second location to capture a more informal meeting. This setting was chosen to align with their brand’s laid-back & personable approach, reinforcing the authentic & approachable image Few & Far aims to project.

Get Together Through Gaming Shoot

The third shoot was designed to showcase a gaming event hosted by Few & Far in collaboration with Leeds Mind, aimed at generating donations. This event is a streamed gaming session where gamers, Leeds Mind, & the Few & Far team came together to support a cherished charity. To capture the event’s authenticity & energy, we brought in real gaming devices & invited streamers & team members to actively engage in playing the games. This setup allowed us to capture dynamic, realistic images. Additionally, we enhanced the environment with colourful lighting that not only reflected the vibrant aesthetic of the gaming world but also aligned well with the GTTG brand. To further emphasise the brand’s presence, we included branded elements like posters, pop-up banners, & logoed T-shirts in the shoot, creating a cohesive & branded visual experience.

To Be Continued...

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