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Lee struggled with building a personal brand due to a lack of strategy & clarity. His initial attempts involved using hastily put-together selfies, resulting in minimal online presence & engagement. He realised the need for professional branding to stand out & attract opportunities.

&Pip Brand photography, Lee russel personal branding, Lee leaning on a brick wall

Package Chosen

Revive & Thrive – One-off Shoot


A detailed strategy session led to the creation of a mini brand book, outlining the vision & objectives for the photoshoot. This included specific locations, outfits, & poses that aligned with Lee’s personal brand & business goals.


The strategic approach revealed the depth of building a personal brand, considering positioning, environment, clothing, & poses. This vision made Lee confident & excited about the potential impact on his business.


Detailed planning ensured a well-organised photoshoot. This included collaboration with Lee’s virtual assistant to align schedules, specific location scouting, & clear communication on outfits & objectives, ensuring everything was in place for a successful shoot.


The focus was on personal branding photography, including headshots, environmental portraits, & lifestyle images that reflect Lee’s professional persona & the authenticity of his work.


The professional photos transformed Lee’s online presence, significantly improving visibility & engagement. They were quickly integrated into his author page, social media posts, & high-ticket offer brochures, replacing less professional selfies.

Growth Factor

The strategic & high-quality photography had a profound impact on Lee’s business. It attracted more speaking engagements, podcast invitations, & clients, showcasing the return on investment & long-term value of the photoshoot.

Brand Personality Traits

  • Disruptive
  • Defiant
  • Death to the Unicorn

Photography Intended Usage

  • Instagram: Regular posts to engage with followers & attract new clients.
  • Website: Enhanced professional appearance & brand consistency.
  • PR: Used in press releases & media appearances to strengthen personal branding.
  • Author Page for his new book

Photography Results

The final images were versatile & professional, aligning perfectly with Lee’s brand. They received positive feedback from his network & significantly boosted his online engagement & visibility.

YUZU Agency’s Outcomes

The collaboration led to a successful transformation of Lee’s personal brand. The strategic approach & high-quality photography provided Lee with a set of reusable assets that supported his business objectives, leading to increased opportunities & recognition in his field. Lee highly recommends Pippa’s services for anyone serious about their personal brand.

Behind the scenes

Hear what Lee has to say about our process while we take you behind the scenes to show you how we work and the results we achieve.


To create a strong personal brand for Lee that aligns with his professional goals, enhances his online visibility, & supports his business growth by attracting speaking engagements, podcast invitations, & clients.

Mood Board Creation

Look & Feel Mood-board

I created a comprehensive mood board which was developed during the strategy session, showcasing potential poses, locations, outfits, & overall aesthetic that aligned with Lee’s brand vision & objectives and personality.

Moodboard lee russel, location sourcing
Moodboard lee russel, location sourcing
Moodboard lee russel, location sourcing
Moodboard lee russel, location sourcing

Location Sourcing

Industrial Outdoor Settings

To ensure we achieved the correct look & feel for the shoot, I spent a day visiting the locations Lee & I discussed. I took photos of these spots & shared them with Lee to confirm we were on the right track. This preparation allowed us to know exactly where to go & what to expect on the shoot day, streamlining the process & ensuring we captured the desired aesthetic.

Type of Photography

Personal Brand Shots

The concept for the photoshoot was personal branding photography in & around London, using locations that we had sourced. This suited Lee’s disruptive brand, which breaks the mould of the everyday & embodies the “zebra instead of the unicorn” mentality. Despite challenging weather conditions, the photoshoot was executed smoothly. The process was relaxed & conversational, gradually easing Lee into more creative poses & locations. The results were high-quality, professional images that exceeded Lee’s expectations.

At the start of my business journey, I struggled with building a personal brand due to a lack of strategy & clarity, resulting in using poorly put-together selfies & minimal online presence. That’s when I began working with Pippa. From our first discovery call, Pippa’s vision & strategic approach stood out. She took the time to understand my goals & crafted a detailed plan, including a brand vision guide that aligned perfectly with my brand. The photoshoot was well-organised & relaxed, even under challenging conditions. The results exceeded my expectations. The professional photos transformed my online presence, significantly improving visibility & engagement. They were quickly integrated into my author page, social media, & high-ticket offer brochures, replacing unprofessional selfies & elevating my brand’s aesthetic. The impact on my business has been profound, attracting more speaking engagements, podcast invitations, & clients. Pippa’s strategic approach ensured that the investment was not just a photoshoot but a set of reusable assets supporting my business goals. I highly recommend her services to anyone serious about their personal brand.

Lee Russel, Founder