Case Study

Mandy Cuss + Co Design

Tailored Interiors for Everyday Luxury


Mandy Cuss + Co Design specialises in creating characterful, one-of-a-kind interiors designed for living well every day. With regular projects on an ongoing basis we capture their projects 4-6 times per year.


As a newly established business, Mandy Cuss faced the dual challenge of building her personal brand & creatively showcase the brand’s potential through carefully selected locations & themes that aligned with the brand’s vision.

Mandy cuss, Tunbridge wells

Package Chosen

Brand Evolution – Quarterly

Services Provided

  • Personal Branding Photography
  • Interior Photography
  • Lifestyle Homeware Photography

Our strategy centred on authentically capturing Mandy Cuss’ unique approach to interior design, focusing on creating visuals that embody her philosophy of light, bright, & airy living spaces. By choosing locations & settings that mirrored this aesthetic, we ensured that each photograph would speak directly to her target audience, building a strong, recognizable brand image.


The vision was to showcase Mandy Cuss as not just a designer but as a visionary creator of spaces that transform everyday living into an art form. It was imperative that the photography communicated this by highlighting the meticulous details & harmonious balance of form & function that define her work.


In the planning phase, we meticulously mapped out each location & shot, ensuring they would collectively narrate the story of Mandy’s design journey & ethos. Consideration was given to the time of day, natural lighting, & props that would complement & elevate the inherent beauty of Mandy’s design work.


The photoshoots were executed with precision & creativity, aiming to capture not just the spaces but the essence of the lifestyle that Mandy designs for. Each session was a collaborative effort, allowing for spontaneity within the framework of our strategic vision, thus capturing authentic moments that resonate with viewers.


Post-photoshoot, the focus shifted to maximizing visibility across digital platforms, with a particular emphasis on Instagram & the website, where Mandy’s audience engages most actively. The carefully curated images were used to create a cohesive, visually appealing online presence that accurately reflects the brand’s high standards & unique design philosophy.

Growth Factor

The impact of the photographic content on brand visibility was profound, contributing significantly to Mandy Cuss + Co Design’s growth by attracting a wider audience & securing new projects. This visual storytelling not only elevated the brand’s market position but also underscored the transformative power of Mandy’s design work, leading to increased interest & engagement from potential clients.

Photography Intended Usage

The photographs were used across various platforms to enhance the brand’s visibility and market positioning:

  • Instagram
  • Website
  • PR

Photography Results

The collaboration resulted in a series of successful photo shoots that significantly contributed to the brand’s visual identity & market positioning. The first project established a lasting partnership, with Pippa being the go-to photographer for all Mandy Cuss + Co’s branding & interior photography needs.

Mandy Cuss + Co Design’s Outcomes

Mandy was able to start sharing her vision for the brand through her content & used the images to grab the attention of her audience. This helped her get her first client bookings & then went on to capture her projects to continue building the brand.


The primary goal was to position Mandy Cuss as the visionary founder behind her design firm & to capture the essence of the spaces she creates. The imagery needed to be light & airy yet sophisticated, accurately reflecting the unique style of Mandy Cuss + Co Design.

Type of Photography

Personal Branding

Selecting the ideal locations played a pivotal role in Mandy’s personal brand photoshoot, aiming to infuse a vibrant, spring-like ambiance that mirrors the fresh & inviting designs Mandy crafts for her clientele.

Variety of Environments

To further this narrative, I showcased Mandy in environments that subtly hinted at her interior design prowess, such as peering into the window of a boutique homewares store or thoughtfully considering the layout in a kitchen showroom. These settings not only complemented the desired aesthetic but also provided visual cues to the kinds of spaces & details that inspire Mandy’s work, offering glimpses into the real-world applications of her design philosophy.

Interior Photography: Joco Cafe Project

When capturing this project I wanted to give the light bright airy feel that adorns and aligns with Mandy’s designs. Wide angles to make the space look open and inviting.

Home Interiors

Coupling the cozy warm inviting spaces with light bright photography aligned with Mandy’s brand.

Detail orientated images.

I captured some details from Mandy’s own home to showcase her vision and design talent before she had won her first project.

I highly recommend Pippa. We’ve engaged Pippa on several occasions, both for interior photography and branding shoots. Pippa is a true professional, enlisting her expert eye to ensure the photos reflect the highest of quality standards. She is great at taking the creative lead while also being open to collaborating to achieve specific objectives. Pippa offers fresh perspectives that are grounded in experience and knowledge and I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Mandy Cuss, Founder