Case Study

Nano Minerals

Highly Bio-available Supplements


Nano Minerals aimed to transition from a B2B model to a direct-to-consumer sales approach but lacked experience in B2C marketing and product presentation. They needed to elevate their brand identity to appeal directly to end consumers without prior direct retail experience.

&Pip, Nano Minerals, Nano Gold bottle on table with plant and shotglass

Package Chosen

Revive & Thrive – Single Shoot


Developed a comprehensive plan to transition from B2B to B2C focusing on market analysis and the importance of consumer-centric visual storytelling.


Reframed the client’s initial desire for basic imagery towards a more sophisticated, narrative-rich photographic style to elevate the brand’s market position.


Extensive pre-shoot planning involved finalising the shoot concepts as per the mood boards, selecting the right props, and determining the colour schemes that best represent the brand’s ethos.


Executed two distinct photoshoots, each tailored to convey different aspects of the brand ethos and product appeal, from basic product imagery to evocative lifestyle photos.


Rolled out the new imagery across multiple consumer-facing platforms to maximise reach and enhance brand recognition.

Growth Factor

Leveraged the new visual content to justify premium pricing and enhance consumer perception of quality, leading to increased sales and market presence.

Photography Intended Usage

Intended for multiple uses to maximise the brand’s reach and impact. Designed to enhance the visual experience on the company’s website, aiding in converting visitors to customers. For public relations purposes, the images will also be used in wellness publications to further establish Nano Minerals as a premium brand in the health and wellness market.

Photography Results

The photography results have been transformative, significantly elevating the brand’s visual identity. The new imagery, marked by its clarity, attention to detail, and compelling storytelling. We look forward to phase two which is bringing in the human element for Nano Minerals.

Nano Minerals’ Outcomes

The strategic overhaul of Nano Minerals’ visual presentation resulted in a significant boost in consumer engagement and sales. The quality and narrative depth of the new imagery successfully conveyed the premium nature of the products, facilitating a successful transition to the B2C model.

The photos are all absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to add these images to our website. The way the glass bottles are captured truly showcases their high quality. The overall image clarity and detail are outstanding, and they perfectly highlight the premium nature of our products. Thank you for bringing our vision to life with such sophistication and elegance!

Jason Miller, Director


To develop a compelling visual strategy that highlights the superior quality of Nano Minerals’ products through storytelling and high-quality imagery, thereby facilitating their transition to the B2C market and enhancing their brand perception.

Mood Board


Initial mood boards contrasted simple, white-background images against richer, narrative-driven concepts. These boards helped communicate the potential impact of enhanced imagery on consumer perception and brand differentiation.

Nano Minerals Moodboard with white
Nano Minerals Mood-board with natural colours

Type of Photography

Earthy Product Shots

Focused on capturing the product in a natural, calming aesthetic that resonates with the target demographic of women in their 40s.

Group Shots

Group images to be used throughout the website and social media.

Lifestyle Images

Illustrated the product’s use and purity, incorporating natural elements to underline the organic nature of the products.

Detail Shots

Illustrated the product’s use and purity, incorporating natural elements to underline the organic nature of the products.


To ensure consistency across all brand imagery as Nano Minerals expands their product range or needs to brief new photographers, we developed a comprehensive style guide. This guide details the specific background colours and textures, lighting setups, positioning, depth of field, cropping styles, and the selection of props to be used. By standardising these elements, the guide serves to maintain the brand’s aesthetic and quality standards, ensuring that each image is unmistakably part of the Nano Minerals visual identity.

Nano Minerals product shots
Nano Minerals product group shots
Nano Minerals lifestyle shots
Nano Minerals details shots