Case Study

Nia Finlay

Crystal Healing for
your Mind, Body & Spirit


Nia Finlay, a talented crystal healer & jewellery designer, was unable to capture the high-end, authentic aesthetic of her products through her own photography efforts. Her DIY photos did not reflect the premium quality of her crystal jewellery, impacting her ability to raise prices & compete with more established brands. In addition to this, she didn’t know how her personal story & brand aligned with the products she created or how to use it to help her customers connect & become brand loyal.

Nia was hesitant to include personal brand images as she had concerns about her skin and how it would photograph.

Brand Words


lady in cream jumper, &Pip, Nia Finlay

Package Chosen

Visual Mastery – Two Shoots


Through in-depth discussions with Nia, we expanded the shoot’s scope to encompass her personal brand & the narrative of her connection to crystal healing, alongside the product imagery.


To create a visually compelling story that communicates the authenticity & premium nature of Nia’s jewellery while showcasing her personal journey & craftsmanship.


Detailed session plans were crafted, focusing on various themes: Nia’s heritage, the jewellery-making process, & the final product. Locations, props, & models were selected to align with the mood board & overall brand narrative.


The comprehensive photoshoot for Nia’s crystal jewellery brand included a blend of personal branding images that celebrated her Indian heritage, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her jewellery-making process, & detailed product shots with consistent backgrounds & lighting to accurately showcase the intricate details of her pieces. Lifestyle & model images emphasised the serene, earthy feel of the brand & highlighted the jewellery against carefully chosen outfits & settings


With a new look & feel created across our website & social media channels the new images have been used to tell the story of the brand & have been strategically used across multiple platforms to maximise brand exposure & connect with the target audience.

Growth Factor

High-quality visual imagery significantly enhanced the brand’s profile, leading to increased engagement & higher perceived value among consumers.

Photography Intended Usage

The carefully curated images are used strategically across various platforms to maximise the brand’s reach & engagement. On Instagram, the photos are showcased through regular posts & stories, engaging followers & highlighting new pieces to maintain interest & drive interactions. For the website, images are prominently displayed in the main gallery & product pages, enhancing the visual appeal & aiding the online shopping experience by providing clear, detailed views of the products.

Photography Results

The new imagery sharply defined Nia’s brand, displaying a professional & appealing aesthetic that attracted a higher clientele & increased sales.

Nia Finlay’s Outcomes

The strategic overhaul of the brand’s visual identity allowed Nia to successfully raise her product prices & position her brand alongside luxury competitors. The cohesive brand story, enriched by professional photography, not only boosted immediate sales but also contributed to sustained business growth & a stronger market presence.

Working with Pippa has been game-changing – I feel as though I have gained a cheerleader for my business & a friend who really cares about me & my success. I started my new business after going through a major life change, both personal & professional. Before I started working with Pippa I was feeling isolated & stuck.It felt like a big step investing in my business. Working with Pippa has really changed things for me. I have fun & feel excited about my business & feel confident about myself & my abilities & I am really thankful that I have her in my corner. She took all those ideas I had in my head & carefully & meticulously picked them out bringing them to life as a visual expression of who I am, what my business stands for in a way that aligns with my customers. I am blown away by the images. The photos not only do the business justice by showcasing the products aspect but more importantly the vision & look & feel of my business are how I want my clients to feel when they come into contact with my brand. Pippa has captured them beautifully.

Nia Finlay, Crystal Healer


To elevate the brand’s visual presentation & align it with the high-quality, authentic nature of the jewellery, thereby enabling Nia to increase product pricing & enhance brand perception in a competitive market. To encourage Nia, to embrace her heritage, step into the light and showcase her rich history to align with the brand.

Mood Board Creation

For the mood board I focused on earthy tones and elements of Nia’s Indian heritage, natural settings, & warm, dappled light. It combined images of raw crystals, artisanal jewellery-making, & serene natural landscapes to set the visual tone for the shoots.

Nia Personal Brand Moodboard
Jewellery Moodboard

Type of Photography

Personal Branding Photography

For Nia’s personal brand images we decided on creating images that reflect her Indian heritage in a profound & enriching way. These portraits are designed to be extravagant in their cultural richness & detail, yet devoid of superficial glamour, focusing instead on authenticity. By incorporating traditional elements, such as fabrics, colours, & symbols specific to Indian culture, each image captures the essence of her roots. 

The portraits are more than just photographs; they are visual narratives that tell Nia’s unique story & showcase her personality. This approach not only honours her heritage but also weaves the intricate details of her cultural background into the tapestry of her personal & professional identity.


We also captured images of Nia meticulously crafting her jewellery pieces, showcasing the detailed process behind her creations. These behind-the-scenes photos provide a transparent view into the artistry & dedication involved in each piece of jewellery she designs. By documenting every stage — from selecting the perfect crystals to the final touches — these images highlight the skill & passion that Nia pours into her work. This visual documentation not only adds depth to her brand story but also builds trust & appreciation among her clients, allowing them to see the craftsmanship that goes into every item.

High-Quality Product Shots

For Nia’s jewellery line, I ensured that the product shots were meticulously consistent, providing a true representation of each item. We paid close attention to detail, using a uniform background colour to enhance the visual coherence of the product display. This consistency in the backdrop helps to draw focus directly to the jewellery, showcasing its true colours without distraction. Moreover, we carefully managed lighting & camera settings to capture & convey the authentic hues & intricacies of the crystals, ensuring that each piece is represented accurately & appealingly. This approach not only reinforces the brand’s professionalism but also assists customers in making informed purchasing decisions based on reliable & high-quality imagery.


For the lifestyle shots of Nia’s jewellery collection, I chose a natural & culturally resonant setting to enhance the storytelling aspect of her brand. Utilising wood as a backdrop added a warm, earthy texture that complements the natural beauty of the crystals. I carefully positioned the setup to capture dappled light filtering through the branches of bougainvillaea, a flower native to India, creating a soft & inviting ambiance. This specific choice of environment not only connects the products to Nia’s Indian heritage but also adds an element of serene beauty, evoking a sense of tranquillity & connection with nature. These elements combined make the images more engaging & rooted in the cultural narrative Nia wishes to convey.

Model Photography

For the model shots, I focused on capturing close-ups of Nia’s jewellery as it naturally adorns the body, highlighting the intricate details & shimmering crystals. I utilised soft, warm lighting to create gentle shadows that enhance the texture & contours of each piece. To keep the visual interest high & reflect the uniqueness of each item, no two images are identical, each offering a fresh perspective. We chose backgrounds with warm tones & used blurred foregrounds to add depth & a sense of softness to the photographs. Additionally, the outfits worn by the models were carefully selected to align with the brand persona, embodying the elegance & spiritual essence of Nia’s jewellery. This strategic approach ensures that the images not only showcase the products beautifully but also resonate with the brand’s identity & aesthetic values.

Story Shots

For the flat-lay & story images, I selected props that resonated with the brand’s narrative, crafting visually compelling scenes that convey a story & its cultural significance. This method not only adds depth to the visual library but also enhances the overall perception of the brand by emphasising its unique identity & values.

flat lay of dressing table, &Pip, Nia Finlay
Book with candle and flowers and bracelets, &Pip, Nia Finlay
Jewellery and shell, &Pip, Indriya, Nia Finlay
&Pip, jewellery, pink necklace with flowers and rocks

social media guidance

The final step in our collaboration with Nia was to revitalise her social media presence, ensuring it resonated with her young, vibrant customer base while remaining true to her brand’s earthy, authentic essence. We introduced bold, consistent colours in our templates, creating a striking contrast to the natural feel of the primary images. This strategic use of colour not only captivated her audience but also reinforced the brand’s identity. We crafted images specifically tailored to her content pillars, each designed to engage & reflect the core themes of her business. Additionally, we provided guidance on integrating these elements seamlessly into her social media platforms, achieving a consistent look & feel that remains dynamic. Through these efforts, Nia’s social media transformed into an engaging, visually coherent interface that beautifully communicates her brand’s story & values.

social media pillars, &Pip, Nia Finlay