Case Study


Capturing the Essence
of Modular Innovation


Reds10, a pioneer in the modular construction industry, faced the complex challenge of maintaining consistent, high-quality imagery across all projects. This difficulty was amplified by shifting project completion timelines and the logistical hurdles of preparing sites for photography, including team management and communication gaps. These challenges threatened to dilute the brand’s strong identity and its ability to showcase its innovative modular spaces effectively.

Paul Ruddick - Reds10

Package Chosen

Project Visionary – 6 Shoots


The strategy aims to reflect the architectural beauty of the modular buildings by capturing dynamic angles and unique elements. Utilising blue skies, sunshine with scattered clouds to add consistency across all the projects. Reds10’s people are showcased as friendly, approachable, a safe pare of hands available on site to talk to.


We embarked on this journey with a clear vision to highlight Reds10’s unique approach to modular construction.


Meticulous planning ensured that each shoot successfully captured fully completed projects.


The shoots were carefully orchestrated events that captured the essence of Reds10’s projects and people. By addressing the initial challenges head-on, we managed to turn potential obstacles into opportunities for creativity and innovation.


The resulting images significantly boosted Reds10’s visibility in the industry. Through carefully selected channels, the images reached a wide audience, effectively communicating the brand’s message and values.

Growth Factor

Reds10 have grown from a 20-man team to over 300 strong, securing significant projects with the DIO British Army. This growth has allowed them to open two more factories and invest in new and exciting technology. They have also won multiple awards, all showcased through their imagery. 

Photography Intended Usage

The images were designed for multifaceted applications, including competition entries, convention stands, case studies, PR and marketing materials, social media content, and website enhancements. This strategic diversity ensured broad visibility and impact across all brand touchpoints.

Photography Results

The collaboration resulted in a tangible elevation of Reds10 industry profile. The bank of high-quality, consistent photos has become a cornerstone of their marketing and sales materials, setting them apart from competitors. The images not only reflect the innovative spirit of modular construction but also humanise the brand, making it more relatable and trustworthy to clients and partners alike.

Reds10’s Outcomes

The bank of images we have developed has become a foundation of Reds10’s visual identity. They are also  proud to be ranked #499 in the FT1000 for Europe’s fastest-growing companies in 2024.

I wanted to thank you for the high level of service and imagery you have been providing us for the past few years. As a result we have been able to build a bank of high quality consistent photos to be used throughout our marketing and sales material. This has enabled us to raise our industry profile above our competitors. Your knowledge of our brand, consistency and reliability are a credit to you. We would not hesitate to recommend you and look forward to our continued working relationship.

Paul Ruddick, Founder


Our mission was to encapsulate the essence of Reds10’s remarkable modular spaces, crafting a comprehensive portfolio that not only showcases the beauty and functionality of their projects but also underscores their industry leadership and innovation. The goal was to curate a diverse collection of photographs to create compelling case studies, thereby enhancing Reds10’s competitive edge and reputation.

Type of Photography

Crafted Exteriors

Capturing the architectural sophistication of their buildings with a keen focus. Adhering to a consistent visual theme, we ensured that each image was taken under blue skies peppered with just a hint of cloud, creating a uniform backdrop that enhances the vibrancy of the modular structures. 

Elevating Perspectives with Drone Imagery

Embracing the use of drone technology enables us to capture higher viewpoints. Providing a comprehensive view that ground-based photography simply cannot match.

Illuminating Excellence with Twilight Imagery

To further enrich the visual storytelling of Red 10’s prestigious projects, we’ve embraced the enchanting technique of twilight photography, capturing images during the mesmerising blue hour. 

Living Interiors

Our objective was to convey the functional beauty of the interiors. Through careful consideration of angles, lighting, and reflections, we produced engaging images that speak volumes about the usability of the spaces.

Integrating Video Walkthroughs for Dynamic Showcasing

We have introduced video walkthroughs which  allows us to offer a dynamic, first-person perspective of the spaces, inviting viewers on a virtual tour through each project. 

Our People

Reflecting Reds10’s brand personality of being smart, personable, and energetic, we captured the team in natural settings. These portraits showcased the team’s dynamic spirit and approachability, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

reds10 team photo, &Pip

Post-Production Excellence

Each image undergoes a robust post-production process to ensure the highest quality. This includes removing distracting elements or items that appear out of place and adding grass where needed after equipment has driven over it. We also ensure a consistent look and feel across all images by carefully adjusting tone, contrast, and color. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that our visuals maintain a polished and professional appearance, perfectly representing our brand.