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Karen Blackwell’s vibrant and dynamic personality is a key aspect of her professional image. The primary challenge was to capture her fun, outgoing, loud, and bold character, while ensuring the photos remained suitable for her corporate clientele. Additionally, Karen had to be coached to relax in front of the camera and minimise her naturally expressive facial gestures to maintain a professional appearance.

We opted for a bold summer palette for Karen’s images, bright colours, using confident poses, and big smiles. 

To counter her big personality, Karen wore colourful clothing that was stylish and well suited to her personal brand. We went through each outfit together before the shoot. 

We also created a moodboard to get Karen confident about the type of poses that would suit her body type and would make her look her best.

Finally we coupled that with a fantastic modern corporate location followed by some London based locations.

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Package Chosen

Visual Mastery – 2 Shoots


The approach involved closely collaborating with Karen to plan outfits, choose appropriate props, and scout the perfect locations that would reflect her professional setting yet allow her personality to shine through.


The vision was to blend Karen’s personal style with the expectations of a professional HR environment, creating images that were both approachable and authoritative.


Extensive pre-shoot planning was essential to align the photography with Karen’s branding needs. This included selecting outfits that matched her bold personality, choosing props that highlighted her professional skills, and identifying locations in London that would visually represent her operational areas.


We divided the photoshoot into two sessions over two days to best capture the different facets of Karen’s professional life. The first day focused on portraying Karen’s bold and vibrant personality, utilising a corporate space in London along with nearby areas to convey the energy she brings to her work. The second day was dedicated to capturing Karen in action with her clients, featuring her in genuine discussions and meetings. This approach provided an authentic glimpse into her interactive and hands-on working style.


The images were intended for broad visibility across multiple platforms:

  • Instagram: To engage with a wider audience and enhance social proof.
  • Website: To professionally represent Karen’s branding and attract potential clients.
  • PR: For media releases and feature articles to build authority and recognition in her field.
Growth Factor

The professional imagery significantly contributed to enhancing Karen’s brand identity, making her services more appealing to corporate clients and helping her business grow through improved online engagement and client trust.

Photography Intended Usage

Website: Karen was in the process of redesigning her website and wanted images that would not only let her personality shine through but also strengthen her personal brand. The goal was to create visuals that were immediately captivating, reflecting her vibrant and dynamic character, which could resonate with website visitors. These images were designed to be the focal points of the website, enhancing user engagement and making Karen’s professional offerings more relatable and attractive to potential clients. The photography aimed to bridge the gap between professional credibility and personal approachability, crucial for growing her personal brand in the competitive HR industry.

Photography Results

The final images perfectly balanced Karen’s lively personality with the professionalism required by her corporate clients. They were instrumental in boosting her online presence and were effectively utilised in various marketing materials.


To produce a series of personal brand photographs that reflect Karen’s unique personality and professional expertise, suitable for corporate environments. These images were aimed to enhance her online presence and be versatile enough for use across various platforms.

Type of Photography

Portraits in an Office Setting

On the first shoot we used a modern office environment that aligned with Karen’s outgoing personality giving her images a modern high end feel. Reflecting the type of environments the companies that hire Karen would use. 

Outdoor Settings Around London

Next we moved outside to a well known location in London. We designed this part of the shoot to capture Karen’s energy, using bright colours and movement to showcase the hustle and bustle and high energy Karen brings to her work.

Candid Shots with Clients

The final shoot was working with clients and interacting in her typical workspaces, to emphasise her focus on helping people and her professional demeanour.

Wardrobe Planning

Before the shoot, we conducted a wardrobe planning session to ensure that Karen’s outfits perfectly aligned with her brand image. I advised on the best styles and colours that would complement her vibrant personality while remaining suitable for a professional setting. We also discussed fabrics to avoid because they don’t photograph well, ensuring that each chosen outfit would look flawless on camera. Karen was prepared with several outfit options for each shoot, allowing for versatility and adaptability throughout the sessions. This careful preparation helped in capturing Karen’s essence accurately and stylishly in every frame.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am delighted with the results. You certainly made it all so easy!!

Karen Blackwell, Senior Consultant

Your HR Support’s Outcomes

The project successfully enhanced Karen’s professional image and visibility, leading to increased engagement on social platforms and her website, and subsequently attracting a broader client base. The photographs have also been instrumental in her PR strategies, helping to portray her as a leader in the HR industry.