I Got Invited to Talk on the Creatives Ignite Podcast!

I am so excited to share this interview with Diane Gibbs where we talk about my journey of pivoting in my business. Check out the episode below or see all show notes at https://creativesignite.com/pippa-tanko-a-photographers-pivot/

Pivoting – with Diane Gibbs

Diane’s energy is infectious so I felt perfectly at ease as she welcomed me onto the show. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. This was my first podcast appearance and I was talking about the raw honest truth about my life and business. Diane was a pro – and I felt at ease after a couple of minutes.

During the podcast

We delved into my transition from general photography to specialising in brand photography—a niche that perfectly aligns with my passion for helping business owners shine through visual storytelling.

This pivot wasn’t just a business decision; it was propelled by personal growth and a profound understanding of my own journey from feeling out of place to recognising my unique value through my my story and my unique ability to create a vision that I can capture through the lens of a camera.

We also touched on the importance of visibility for solo-preneurs in the creative industry. As someone who’s navigated the complexities of marketing and personal branding, I shared insights into how compelling visuals can significantly enhance client engagement and business growth. These discussions were not only reflective but also packed with actionable advice for listeners grappling with similar challenges.

Empowering business owners to show up for their business and become the face of their brand to help them attract their dream clients so that they can charge higher rates

On Reflection

It’s clear that Diane’s platform is more than just a series of interviews; it’s a catalyst for meaningful conversation and professional evolution. Her ability to foster a warm, inclusive environment made the exchange incredibly rewarding, highlighting the pivotal role of community and support in the creative journey. This session wasn’t just an interview; it was a celebration of resilience, adaptation, and the enduring power of creativity.

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