5 Tips to Boost Your Confidence Before Your Brand Photoshoot

1. Get comfortable with your photographer

When I work with clients, we meet numerous times before the shoot to ensure we are almost friends by the time of the shoot, this helps you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pippa Tanko Client meeting &PIP

2. Planning

Having a plan illuminates the fear of the unknown. Knowing what location you are shooting at, what you will be wearing and what shots you will be taking will give you much more confidence. Why not make a Pinterest board of poses you like so that you feel comfortable?

3. Treat yourself

Buy some new outfits – there is nothing better than feeling like you look your best. So having a few new key outfits will go a long way. Pamper yourself before your shoot, and you will feel great and confident, so why not treat yourself, go and have your nails done or get your hair & make-up done? 

4. Listen to some Music

Music can be a very powerful tool in getting your energy right for your photos – whether it’s high energy or calm energy you want – music is a great way to have fun and loosen up. Try creating a playlist for the shoot that boosts your confidence.

5. Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission to have some fun with it, lighten up and relax – allow yourself to go with the flow and be up for anything – what is the worst that can happen?

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