The &Pip Process

How to Get Started

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Book a Call

I’m genuinely excited to dive into your business, discover what makes it tick, and explore how I can help you create images that truly represent your brand. Collaboration is at the heart of my approach, and achieving synergy between us is essential to maximize our potential together. Let’s set up a call to see if we’re a great match for your brand.

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Decide on Your Package

I’ve got various packages tailored to businesses of all kinds and sizes, making it easy for you to find the one that perfectly suits your business needs. Plus, I can offer a bespoke options to ensure we provide something uniquely tailored to you, guaranteeing that your brand’s photography needs are met exactly as you envision.

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Schedule Your Strategy Session
& Photo Shoots

Schedule Your Strategy
Session & Photo Shoots

In all my shoots, I include a strategy session to ensure that the images we create are specifically tailored to your business. Developing a unique photography style plays a pivotal role in aligning your visuals with your desired market position, connecting with your target audience, and reflecting your personality, beliefs, and values.

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Receive a Bank of Photos

These are your images to use however you see fit. Some examples of uses for your images are for your sales decks, your website, social media, all your marketing and promotional materials, PR campaigns, advertisements, promotional videos, podcast appearances, speaker kits, conferences and workshops.

What it Looks Like to Work with &Pip


The Strategy phase is where we lay the groundwork for everything we’ll do together. We begin by helping you clarify your brand’s purpose, mission, and vision to ensure the imagery we create aligns perfectly with them. Through exercises, we define your values, personality, and story. We also focus on understanding your ideal clients and aligning your business with the audience you want to attract. This process helps us build a brand perception that matches your goals. With a deep understanding of your brand, we can start shaping the vision for your brand imagery, ensuring it fits seamlessly with all these elements.

Step 2. VISION

In the Vision phase, we turn your ideas into a clear plan. We brainstorm creative concepts that capture the essence of the brand. Creating a moodboard to help you visualise the look and feel. We then refine these ideas into a solid vision for your brand’s imagery. We create a visual style guide to ensure everything looks consistent and aligned with your brand.


Shoot Planning is where we get ready to bring our vision to life. We plan every detail of the photo shoot. This includes finding the perfect locations, selecting outfits, and choosing props that tell your story. Careful planning ensures the photo shoot runs smoothly and every shot we take serves a purpose.

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The Image Creation phase is all about taking the photos. We capture a variety of images to cover all your needs, from brand images and headshots to storytelling and behind-the-scenes photos. Each type of photo helps tell your brand’s story in a unique way. We make sure we have a complete set of visuals to use across all your different platforms and marketing materials.


In Post Production, we enhance the photos to make sure they align with the brands vision and style guide. Basic adjustments like cropping and colour-grading make the images look their best. We resize the photos for different uses, ensuring they look great whether they’re printed or online. This step is crucial for maintaining a polished and professional brand image.


Brand Visibility is about making the most of our new images. We create a social media look and feel guide to keep our visuals consistent across platforms. We also offer help with creating social media posts, ensuring your content is visually appealing and aligned with your brand’s message. This step helps us boost your brand’s presence and engagement with your audience.

How a Strategy Session Works

Our strategy sessions are centred around our clients and their needs. First, we discuss where the business is currently and where you aim to be. We then crafting a vision for your brand, gaining a deeper understanding of your mission, purpose, and story. Through exercises, we identify your core values and personality. We delve into the needs of your clients, the problems you solve for them, the challenges they face, who they are as individuals, and what they seek. 

Finally, we align all these insights with the type of imagery that resonates with your brand and objectives, creating the perception that aligns your vision with your clients. This process ensures you gain clarity and have a clear roadmap for success, guiding your brand’s journey with confidence and purpose.
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