Brand Photography

that tells the story of your business

It’s more than product shots

Why Telling Your Product’s Story is Important

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with Your Customers

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Stand out

from Your Competition

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Top of Mind

How much is having Poor photography
Costing you?

  • Using basic photography that doesn’t show how you are different or unique so you blend into the noise.
  • Your current photography doesn’t represent the quality of the product. The product looks cheap, generic, and mediocre.
  • The photography doesn’t transport your customer, taking them on a journey and showing them how the product transforms their life.

Can You Imagine…

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The product photography accurately represents the quality of the products

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Your marketing efforts are easier because of the
strategy-led photography

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The customer can visualize the transformation your products bring to their lives

At &Pip, I know you want to generate more sales.

In order to do that, you need a strategy-led bank of unique images that represent your products & tell your customer’s story, so you can take them on a journey to build trust. 

The problem is the images you’ve used in the past don’t reflect the quality of the products. This leaves you unable to charge the premium price you desire. 

I believe weaving stories through all of your imagery creates emotional connection which allows your products to stand out & builds loyal customers that will buy from you time and time again. 

Having worked with multiple retail brands, I’ve taken my wealth of knowledge & experience & use it to style products & people to best represent the personality and feel of the brand. 

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Brands I’ve Worked With

What Our Customers Are Saying

How It Works

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Book a Call

I’m genuinely excited to dive into your business, discover what makes it tick, and explore how I can help you create images that truly represent your brand. Collaboration is at the heart of my approach, and achieving synergy between us is essential to maximize our potential together. Let’s set up a call to see if we’re a great match for your brand.

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Decide on Your Package

I’ve got various packages tailored to businesses of all kinds and sizes, making it easy for you to find the one that perfectly suits your business needs. Plus, I can offer a bespoke options to ensure we provide something uniquely tailored to you, guaranteeing that your brand’s photography needs are met exactly as you envision.

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Schedule Your Strategy Session
& Photo Shoots

Schedule Your Strategy
Session & Photo Shoots

In all my shoots, I include a strategy session to ensure that the images we create are specifically tailored to your business. Developing a unique photography style plays a pivotal role in aligning your visuals with your desired market position, connecting with your target audience, and reflecting your personality, beliefs, and values.

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Receive a Bank of Photos

These are your images to use however you see fit. Some examples of uses for your images are for your sales decks, your website, social media, all your marketing and promotional materials, PR campaigns, advertisements, promotional videos, podcast appearances, speaker kits, conferences and workshops.

Build Brand Awareness


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of competition in your industry and are  taking on projects just to pay the bills. You wish you could spend less time trying to generate new leads and have a stream of dream that come looking for your services.

Then book this free 30 minute workshop we will show you how you can differentiate yourself from the competition, become a recognisable brand so that you can charge a premium price and attract loyal followers that trust you enough to convert into paying customers.

Thank you for registering your interest. Someone will be in touch with the details of our next workshop.
Build Brand Awareness &Pip Pippa Tanko
&Pip Pippa Tanko BRAND YOU BOOK

Building Brand You.


How to use brand photography to raise your profile, increase brand awareness so that you can charge more and generate inbound leads from your dream clients, without being salesy.

Thank you for registering your interest. Someone will be in touch with the details of our next workshop.
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30 Day
social media

Ebook for creatives

If you are struggling for ideas of what to post on your social media then download our 30 day social media plan to kickstart your socials and get your audience to engage with your content.

Thank you for downloading our resource. We will spam you or sell your details but will reach out with relevant info from time to time.

Relevant Articles

About &Pip

If you work in a competitive industry and you’re struggling to stand out, you’re taking on projects at a lower cost in order to build your portfolio in the hope of winning dream projects in the future. You spend all of your time worrying about lead generation and what you wish is that clients would just come to you excited about working with you.

At &Pip, we help you stand out. We help you build trust and credibility. And the way that we do this is by providing you with a bank of distinctive brand photography that’s unique to you. Showcasing your expertise, your projects, and your talent, so that your content gets noticed by dream clients. Get your dream clients to stop scrolling and start listening.

Pick the Right Package for Your Goal

& Thrive
Single Shoot
For Emerging Artisans & Entrepreneurs

This package provides a vital boost in brand creation. It captures the essence of you and your craft, translating it into stunning visual narratives. If you are ready to take the next step to level up your business by creating a professional image then this package is perfect for you.

2 Shoots
For Established Brands

A two-part brand photoshoot for established brands seeking to rejuvenate their visual identity, stand out in the market, and reconnect with their audience. Shot across two locations to capture a diverse set of brand images reflecting your unique identity and business.

4 Shoots
For Continuity Brands

For brands that understand the value of consistently fresh and compelling imagery. This exclusive package offers a year-long visual journey that builds upon the foundation of “Visual Mastery” and ensures your brand remains at the forefront of the competition. Providing you with continuous, up-to-date content.

Your Year
in Imagery
6+ Shoots
For Project or Product Driven Businesses

For project-centric businesses, you’ll have the flexibility to schedule 6-8 photo shoots throughout the year. Each session is strategically timed to coincide with the completion of significant projects or for introduction of new products, allowing you to capture the essence of your achievements or introduce new seasonal products and maintain a dynamic visual record of your ongoing success.